Cyber Wargames

Cybersecurity wargames enhance the effectiveness of dealing with an uncertain future and associated risks.

Led by Sylint partner and retired USAF Brigadier General Charles Shugg, Sylint war games and tabletop exercises can be a highly effective means to engage management and senior, board-level leadership. Participants become enlightened to potentially unexpected and unpredictable events, including difficult scenarios that have tangible consequences. Throughout the entire wargame process, facilitators actively monitor each customized scenario to drive the game toward predefined learning objectives.

Cybersecurity Wargame Approach

Technical Skills

Concentration on discovery and/or response to a cybersecurity incident or breach, usually include an organization’s Incident Response Team.

Organizational Planning

Emphaisizes cybersecurity plans, policies and resources. Typically consist of IT management and other Incident Response Team leaders.

Senior Management

Focuses on organizational cybersecurity risks as a component of the organization’s enterprise risk and typically involves a small group of Senior Management and Board Members.

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