Executive Management Team

Experience, expertise, and leadership.

Our executive team provides decades of practical experience from the NSA, Department of Defense, military, law enforcement, and corporate entities.


John Jorgensen

Founding Partner & Chairman

John Jorgensen is Chairman and a founding partner of the Sylint Group. He formerly worked over 25 years for the National Security Agency (NSA) in the military, as a civilian employee and as a government defense contractor. Mr. Jorgensen also served a Director of Program Development for Loral Data Systems prior to founding Sylint. He has served as Special Master to the Court, served as an expert witness in both federal and local judicial civil and criminal matters, and has overseen the computer forensic analysis in thousands of successful cases. Mr. Jorgensen has lectured before the American Bar Association, international conferences, universities and various government organizations concerning forensic analysis, eDiscovery, and cyber security.
Serge Jorgensen

Serge Jorgensen

Founding Partner & President

Serge Jorgensen is President and a founding partner of the Sylint Group. He providesstrategic guidance and active oversight in the areas of computer security, incidentresponse, counter cyber-warfare, eDiscovery, and security architecture. Before co-founding the Sylint Group, Mr. Jorgensen was Vice President of LoCast Corporation,where he directed the development and subsequent patent of HIPAA-compliant patient location and status-tracking technologies. Mr. Jorgensen is a nationally recognized speaker on cyber security, actively participating in the Sedona Conference, American Bar Association, and RSA Conference. He has directed the development of several leading-edge security applications, provided response and remediation guidance to multi-billion dollar international espionage and cyber-security attacks, and directed, tasked and managed multi-million dollar litigation, forensic and electronic discovery efforts.

Charly Shugg

Partner & COO

Charly Shugg, Brigadier General (Retired), USAF, is a partner in the Sylint Group. His focus is on insight, guidance and strategic vision in the areas of cyber security policy, readiness, and training. He served as a Vice Commander of the 24th Air Force (USCYBERCOM), responsible for providing U.S. combatant commanders with trained and ready cyber forces for worldwide cyberspace operations. General Shugg was a key architect and strategic planner of the U.S. Air Force’s cyberspace operations program, crafting concepts of operations for numerous worldwide organizations within the Air Force and our nation’s Cyberspace Command. He holds advanced degrees in management, airpower studies, and national security strategy, and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences.
Jeff Birnbach

Jeff Birnbach

Partner & Managing Director

Jeff Birnbach is Managing Director and a partner at Sylint. His experience includes over 30 years in senior leadership roles, with extensive experience in information security and investigations. Recent cases under his direction include cyber extortion, HIPAA breaches, government network compromises, Medicare fraud, credential trafficking, celebrity stalking and child exploitation. Prior affiliations included management roles at Sony, PhysiTel, LoCast and Robrady Capital. With a diverse background in a variety of commercial sectors, he has also been an officer of several emerging companies and non-profit organizations. Mr. Birnbach is a frequent speaker on cyber security and investigations to law enforcement and professional audiences throughout the U.S.

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