(sīlənt) ) is an internationally recognized cyber security and digital data forensics firm with extensive experience discretely addressing some of today’s biggest breaches, incidents, and precedent-setting court cases. You may not know our name, but you know our clients . . . Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 firms, NGO’s, celebrities, non-profits and government entities. Founded in 1999, we are an agile team, expert in advanced technologies, techniques and proven investigative protocols used to uncover fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage and other nefarious activities.

Incident Response

Sylint has conducted highly effective incident response programs to address a broad range of cyber events. Our experienced team of engineers, forensic analysts, and investigators work quickly to assess an often fluid situation and craft a tailored response strategy.

Cyber Security

Sylint’s cyber security practice is global, focusing on mitigating data intrusions and responding to malicious cyber events for clients and government agencies. Sylint’s extensive experience helps clients meet the threats of today in an efficient manner.


Sylint’s team of certified forensic investigators has a broad range of experience collecting and analyzing data from a wide variety of devices. We have the tools and expertise to identify data and provide meaningful context critical to an investigation.


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