Cyber Security

Solutions to real information security threats and vulnerabilities.

Our cyber security practice is global, focusing on mitigating data intrusions and responding to malicious cyber events for commercial clients and government agencies. We work on a wide range of cases including credit card fraud, network breaches, website attacks, employee misconduct, unauthorized data release, corporate espionage, and foreign sponsored cyber terrorism.

Working with existing teams, tools and technologies, we develop strong solutions for the future. Sylint cyber teams understand the common resource constraints and work within these boundaries to achieve desired outcomes. Learn more.

Sylint works with organizations to review current security preparedness and offer gap assessments and recommendations. A holistic understanding of organizational security needs allows a prioritization of recommendations and the creation of a realistic and actionable list of action items. Learn more.

Implementing strong security can be internal or can include third-party support. When outside support is needed, Sylint can provide co-sourced security support. Becoming part of the team, Sylint works alongside internal teams to support security needs where and as needed. Learn more.

Preparing for cyber incidents is a critical part of any mature security program. Sylint team members are uniquely positioned to support these efforts with tabletop exercises in a variety of disciplines. Ongoing exercises can ultimately combine into a series of playbooks that allow faster and better response to cyber incidents. Learn more.

Sylint works with insurers and their customers across the United States and Europe. Our prompt and agile response teams are available 24×7 to respond to suspected breaches, significantly reducing the cost of addressing these otherwise potentially costly claims. Learn more.

From AmLaw 100 firms to regional practices, Sylint works extensively with legal counsel to help them get the answers they need to effectively assist and guide their clients. From crafting eDiscovery and litigation strategy, to investigating highly complex and technical incidents, we’ve handled thousands of cases for hundreds of attorneys, in both US federal and state courts. Learn more.

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