Digital Data Forensics

  • Uncover fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage or other security incidents/breaches
  • Leading edge advanced forensic techniques and proven investigative protocols
  • Systems analysis for spoliation and data recovery
  • Background in international intelligence and law enforcement operations
  • Developers of Sylint Forensics® hardware and software solutions for experienced investigators

Experience / Recognition

  • Federal, State and Local judicial levels
  • Recognized in Westlaw Review
  • Cases valued at billions of dollars
  • Hold leadership positions in ABA Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Committees
  • Special Master to the Court
  • Produce sound affidavits, provide skilled deposition support, and conduct expert courtroom testimony
Incident Response

Digital Data Forensic Analysis

Seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition), analysis of digital media and report of collected evidence

Incident Response


Sylint is a licensed private investigation corporation. P.I. # A2900240

Incident Response

PFI Approved

One of only 23 Payment Card Industry Forensic Investigators (PFI) worldwide approved to determine cause of security issue and report back to affected payment brands.

Sylint has developed an internationally recognized electronic discovery practice

We employ advanced methodologies and proprietary investigative tools to provide eDiscovery services to legal counsel, including many AmLaw 100 firms. Instead of merely searching for words in documents, our investigators use intelligence agency methodologies to find relevant data, in a wide variety of repositories. Sylint’s analytical capabilities are unrivaled, providing clients with essential information critical to the success of their cases.

Electronic Discovery
Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and tablets present new opportunities and challenges for both security and forensics

The wide range of different devices and the ubiquity of access points creates ever changing threats that can severely impact an organization. As more work environments embrace a BYOD mindset, opportunities for infection and nefarious data exfiltration continue to expand. Sylint has extensive experience in all aspects of digital data forensics of mobile devices. From securing wireless networks to retrieving deleted files and thorough analysis of artifacts in criminal investigations, we help clients achieve a range of mission-specific objectives.

Sylint is one of only 23 companies in the world recognized as a PCI Forensics Investigator (PFI)

All merchants that accept credit cards are obligated to ensure the safekeeping of card holder data. Sylint’s team of certified forensic investigators has a broad range of experience collecting and analyzing data relating to cardholder data environments (CDE) and supporting forensic investigations into potential security incidents.

Sylint routinely collects data from a wide variety of electronic devices. From computers and tablets to mobile phones and storage devices, we have the tools and expertise to identify data as well as provide meaningful context regarding origin, access, alteration and duplication, critical to a successful investigation.

We work closely with state and federal agencies on criminal matters, and have provided expert testimony in various high profile cases.

PCI Forensics Investigator