Digital Data Forensics

  • Uncover fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage or other security incidents/breaches
  • Leading edge advanced forensic techniques and proven investigative protocols
  • Systems analysis for spoliation and data recovery
  • Background in international intelligence and law enforcement operations
  • Developers of Sylint ForensicsĀ® hardware and software solutions for experienced investigators
  • Federal, State and Local judicial levels
  • Recognized in Westlaw Review
  • Cases valued at billions of dollars
  • Hold leadership positions in ABA Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Committees
  • Special Master to the Court
  • Produce sound affidavits, provide skilled deposition support, and conduct expert courtroom testimony

Digital Data Forensic Analysis

Seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition), analysis of digital media and report of collected evidence


Sylint is a licensed private investigation corporation. P.I. # A2900240

PFI Approved

One of only 23 Payment Card Industry Forensic Investigators (PFI) worldwide approved to determine cause of security issue and report back to affected payment brands.

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